Doc Ref NoCR2028
TitleCR 2028: clients papers from Slatter, Son and More.
DescriptionThese records appear to have been placed into a series of deed boxes in a fairly haphazard manner before deposit here. On deposit they were decanted into standard Record Office boxes numbered 1 to 61. The bulk of the deposit consists of clients' records, and where identifiable they are arranged in this catalogue alpabetically by name of client (with the exception of the one major group of records, for the Tomes family of Long Marston, which is placed first). Records where the client is unknown or uncertain follow, divided by type (manorial documents, deeds, etc.). Finally there are some case papers (records arranged by firm by the type of record, not the client).

Physical re-arrangement of the other records has been kept to a minimum: what was box 55 and bundle 2 of box 56 have been transferred to the Tomes group and are now boxes 16 and 17, and the former boxes 16-17 are now boxes 55 and 56. A few items which were obviously misplaced have been moved between bundles and/or boxes (e.g. one client's bundle found in box 15 with the Tomes group has been transferred to CR 2028/box 57/6/2).
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