Acc NoCR2546
Doc Ref NoCR2546
DescriptionRules, 1826-1910; minutes, 1912-1987; accounts, 1904-1973; correspondence, 1912-1972; members' death certificates, 1924-1957.
"It being usual for men to form themselves into clubs, for their support, under sickness and misfortunes, there seems to be no reason why women who are exposed to equal if, not greater sufferings, should not unite for same good purpose, and from their own honest industry lay by a trifle for the hour of need. It is proposed, therefore, that the women of this parish do form themselves into a club, and that this institution be carried on in a peaceable and friendly manner ..." (1798 rulebook, see CR2546/61 below). £992.19s.3d was invested in imperial 3% and a further £100 in the Warwick Savings Bank. The interest on these two sums, plus members' contributions, was to provide the society's income. The last surviving member died in 1986, when the society was wound up, and its assets added to the Kenilworth United Charities.
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