TitleSignet warrant of Henry VIII to the commissioners for Warwickshire to keep the peace.
Date22 Jun 1513
DescriptionAddressed to Sir Robert Throgmorton, knight, Symon Digby, John Spenser, Robert Fulwood and John Erdern, esquire, requiring them to take steps to keep the peace, put down riots and take note of arms and serviceable men but without holding musters, and notify the Queen, who is protectrix of the realm while the King is engaged in the war with France.
Dated at Canterbury 22 June. Probably 1513, when Katherine of Aragon was regent of the country because Henry was waging war in France [Sir Robert Throckmorton died in 1518].
Endorsed as being letters of King Henry VIII to Sir John Spencer of Wormleighton, commonly called old Sir John.
The King's signature is impressed at the head by means of an inked stamp.
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