Doc Ref NoCR2330
TitleCR 2330: draft deeds and legal papers
DescriptionSlatter, Son and More: 6th deposit: mostly mid-19th to mid-20th century. The three boxes all contain bundles of draft deeds/papers (single sheets or sometimes a few sheets together) almost all without individual dockets or labels. They had been placed in the boxes in apparently arbitrary piles, which are now tied up into sub-bundles, numbered and listed consecutively by box, as found: 1/1-148; 2/1-121; 3/1-219. The first bundle in box 1 (only) has been sorted by date, with a small group of indemnity bonds collected at the end of this bundle. In some places, numbers of drafts of the same type were found together, possibly reflecting their original arrangment. All the documents are drafts, unless otherwise stated.
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