Acc NoCR0229
Date13th century-20th century
DescriptionCR 229: estate and family records.
CR 464: Wages books, 1848, 1858; cellar books, 1811-18; miscellaneous accounts, 1834-73; diaries, 1798-1875; letters to E J and E P Shirley, 19th c.; ms. verses, 1793, 1811; signed petition to the Commons of the Clerks of Warwickshire Turnpike Trusts, n.d. [19th c.].
CR 2131: Eatington Estate accounts, 1887-1926 and 1934 (14 vols.), Shirley and Stanhope family papers of the 16th-19th centuries pasted into 4 volumes, and a printed legal document.
CR 2485: Pedigree dating from the 11th century to the present day, made by P.L Gwynn-Jones, Lancaster Herald, 1986.
CR2747: Correspondence and a few estate papers addressed for the most part to Evelyn P. Shirley (1812-1882).
A part of CR0229 was contained in 18 deed boxes. The arrangement of their contents as found bears some relation to that of the "Schedule of evidences of the Shirley family" drawn up by Evelyn Philip Shirley between 1851 and 1874, but the correspondence between the two is not complete. The boxes have been numbered as far as possible in the order of the "Schedule" (CR229/20) and the numbers in brackets refer to pages in it. The remainder of the collection was found loose and the items have been arranged under headings and numbered consecutively. Where these form coherent groups their order has remained undisturbed.
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