Document of the Month Archive

JanuaryLetter of George, Earl of Leicester (CR1517/1)
FebruaryGuy's Cliffe and the Old Saxon Mill (B.War.Twi (P))
MarchBirmingham New Library 1845 (QS0083/2/11)
AprilSir Frank Whittle (CR2975)
MayRegent Hotel arrivals book (CR4017/1)
JuneList of books of Dowager Lady Newdigate (CR136/B576)
JulyA case of felony (QS30/48/2/6)
AugustRelics of Warwick Pageant (CR367/35/10 and PH352/187/59)
SeptemberPrinted map of Birmingham (CR1086/5)
OctoberTranscript of a seance (CR1886/Box 469)
NovemberLaws of the Miners Law Society (QS0083/2/60)
DecemberLetter from M.E.Lewes to Miss Wedgewood (CR3989/4/1/1)
JanuaryPublic Hall, Windsor Street, Leamington Spa (CR634/9/10)
FebruaryMarriage licence for Henry Valentine Mills (DR0304/10/6)
MarchThe Women's National Land Service Corps (CR0815/118 & 119)
AprilDoreen Wright's Artwork (CR4356/5/106)
MayLetter to the Vicar of Brailes (DR308/23)
JuneTemple Stowe Gardens (CR764/215)
JulyBaroness Howe's Notebook (CR341/255)
AugustJournal of Bertie Greatheed (CR1707/123)
SeptemberCowper's Poems (CR1998/SS/2)
OctoberGrant of Warwick Castle to Fulke Greville (CR1886/BL/2829)
NovemberCivil War expences (CR1768/46)
DecemberPostcard: Season's Compliments (PH350/705)
JanuaryFeeling Down in January is Nothing New (CR0341/327/92 and CR1368/Vol.2/48-49)
FebruaryThe Arboretum, Leamington Spa (CR3924 and CR4624/11)
MarchA Mysterious Writ to the Sheriff of Warwickshire (CR173/7)
AprilHistoric records of domestic violence (QS30/65)
MayEmbroidering a Good Story: Miss Eleanor Archer, 1861-1960 (CR3682/7)
JuneA lottery to win the 'first museum in the universe' (CR2017/TP280/3-4)
JulyOne of the First Driving Licences in Warwickshire! (CR 742)
AugustThe Warwickshire Bank Crash of 1887 (CR556/1)
SeptemberCertificate of Engagement, 1650 (CR1223)
OctoberDiary of Reverend Geoffrey Shaw Hewins (CR4891/1)
NovemberJames Speight writes to his Sutton Coldfield studio, 1918 (CR4781/16)
DecemberThe Queen v William Lacey etc. 1898 (QS39/29)
JanuaryNew Year's gifts: A tradition spanning the centuries (CR136/A37)
FebruaryVehicle Registration - What's on Your Plate? (CR1827/2)
MarchFinding a Horned Viper in a Stratford Solicitors' Office (CR1596/Box 146/3)
AprilA Schoolmasters unusual penmanship (CR2539)
MayThomas Buckle's Book of Maps (CR347/5)
JuneThe discovery of an Anglo-Saxon cemetery atop Burton Dassett Hills (CR546)
JulyWarwickshire Militia and the Riots of 1715 (L6/1638)
AugustRoyal Correspondence of Sir Jonathan Wathen Waller (CR341/152 & 48)
September"Please sir, I want some more!" Feeding the Alcester Union Workhouse (CR798/132)
October"The Whereabouts of Elizabeth Wynn" (CR1993/2)
NovemberAlcester Bank Banknotes, 1801-1802 (CR110/Bundle 2)
DecemberDr Lettsom's Moral and Physical Table (CR1291/458)
JanuaryKnitting Knickerbockers (CR4651/706)
FebruaryToothache and Tea - the diary of John Sumner 1849 (CR3722)
MarchThe Great War and Mrs Corelli's Garden (CR1520/Box 59/Meeting 20)
AprilFinding Thomas Atterbury (QS50/5 Bundle 15)
MayThe Rules & Regulations of a Cycling Club (CR1844/10-11)
JuneA Friendship That Spanned a Sea (DRB56/52/1-2)
JulyThe Gossip of Penelope Mordaunt (CR4563/2)
AugustA Potted History of Theatre (CR2884)
SeptemberThe Great Seal of England (CR341/2)
OctoberCivil War Ciphers (CR2017/C157/2-4)
NovemberThe Ghosts of My Friends (CR4694/40)
DecemberYuletide Greetings from Rugby, 1868 (CR4651/190)
JanuaryArbury Hall (CR764/213/1)
FebruaryThe Great Fire of Warwick (CR1614/WA4/1)
MarchSeals (CR1291/Box 30/747)
April'the remains of many distinguished persons' (CR114A/674/3)
MayThe Election of 1774 in the County of Warwick (CR2963/2/4)
JuneThe Battle of Waterloo (CR2900/35 & CR1374/1/1)
JulyWhatever the Weather in Ryton (CR350/19/1-7)
AugustLady Amherst's Earache (CR4141/7/975)
SeptemberMagic Tricks and Mystery (CR1596/Box 87/34b)
OctoberEmbroidery and Elephants (CR1998/Miss Scroggs Exhibition/Number 24)
OctoberSugar and Slavery (CR1707/30)
DecemberHome Words for Christmas (CR4295/7)
JanuaryDiary of a schoolgirl (CR1704)
FebruaryQueen Ethelfleda and the founding of Warwick (PH1035/C4753)
MarchThe Pugins in Warwickshire (CR2120/1 & CR4615/9)
AprilLetters from the Crimea (CR341/324/30 & CR341/324/12A)
MayThe Execution of William Booth (CR2565/8)
June"Knowle Men" in the First World War (DRB56/268/1)
JulyCanaletto and Warwick Castle (CR1886/Box 490/Bundle 10)
AugustRules of the Female Friendly Society of Kenilworth (CR2546/1)
September"No greater pain than an impatient expectation" (CR2131/16/53 & CR2131/16/56)
OctoberAn American in Rugby (CR4031)
NovemberAct for 'Burying in Woollen Onley' (CR2370/1 & DR325/19)
DecemberWorld War One and the Women's Land Army (CR815/119)
JanuaryInoculating the Poor (DR446/50)
FebruaryJuvenile Offences Act (QS0092/b/7)
MarchSolihull Parish Book (DRB64/63)
AprilA Survey of the Manor of Warwick (CR1886/Cup 4/18)
MayLetter to Edward Willes (CR4141/5/189/48)
JuneLetters from a dig at Agincourt (CR764/240)
JulyMaria Valerie and Mary Throckmorton (CR1998/GS/6)
AugustLectures on Midwifery (CR3019)
SeptemberLetter from George Bernard Shaw to Mary Dormer Harris (CR3874/1/11)
OctoberReturns of Members of Freemasons' Lodges (QS87/1)
NovemberChristening of the Prince of Wales (DR852/60)
DecemberArchitectural sketches by Sir Roger Newdigate (CR764/215)
JanuaryGrant of the church of Compton Verney to St. Mary's Warwick (CR1886/W6)
FebruaryThe North Warwick Colliery Closure Phasing Plan (CR4210/5)
MarchStockingford School log book (CR4466/1)
AprilWarwick Priory furniture sale catalogue (CR556/183)
MayThe Regent Hotel and Charles Dickens (CR4017/2)
JuneCopy of proclamation by Queen Elizabeth II (DR714/44)
JulyManorial Court Roll, Atherstone (MR13/13)
AugustThe Justices of the Peace and the Quarter Sessions (QS40/1/1)
SeptemberA Cure for the Bite of a Mad Dog (DR25/1)
OctoberStatue Fair Ox-roasting Committee (HR47)
NovemberAn Unfortunate Apprentice (DR536/2)
DecemberElizabeth Barkham's recipe book (CR2981/6/3/43)
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